The team - Clinica Margarita
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Meet the team

Here you can meet the regular members of our staff. During certain periods, we operate a rota system at the Clinica Margarita, to give some of the most competent dentists from our Danish sister clinic, “Dentalklinikken“, the opportunity to work at the clinic for a while.


This is the impression we´d like you to go away with. When you make an appointment with us, enjoy a little chat about life on the island over a good cup of coffee. Rebecca speaks all the Scandinavian languages, plus English and Spanish.

Rebecca De Vera


Our efficient dental hygienist for the past 20 years. She knows all our regular clients well. Winnie carries out periodontitis treatments, checks ups, teeth cleaning, and prepares price quotations for the various treatments.

Winnie Schack

Dental Hygienist

Owner and dentist. Commutes between the clinics in Denmark and Gran Canaria. Hamid is a highly competent and experienced dentist who performs complex surgical treatments and restorations.

Hamid Azzouzi

Dentist/Dental Surgeon

Our sympathetic and highly efficient Spanish dental assistant has been with us at the clinic since 2013. She speaks both Spanish and English, and understands a little "Scandinavian".

Blanca Isabel Angulo Cerón

Dental Assistant

Works as a dentist on Gran Canaria as well as in our Danish clinics. Frederik is a professional and skilled dentist, who can insert implants and perform other surgical treatments.

Frederik Buch-Rasmussen

Dentist/Dental Surgeon
Gantiva Alexandra Mia Andersen

Our skilled assistant Gantiva has been a part of Clinica Margarita since 2016 and has worked at our clinics in Denmark for a number of years. She speaks Danish, English and a little Spanish.

Gantiva Alexandra Mia Andersen

Dental Assistant